Water is an essential part of the metabolism of every plant. Without it they die.

Growers, with the aid of scientists and technologists, have gained a considerable degree of control over factors relating to plant growth, such as breeding, nutrition and disease. Hydrobeads help growers control water.
It can be expensive to carry water to a plant, and in many areas water is a scarce resource. By controlling water in the soil Hydrobeads increases the effectiveness of every drop of water carried to each plant.
hydrobeads are a synthetic water imbibing polymer designed to aid water management by improving the retentive properties of all types of growing media. It is valuable in Horticulture, Arboriculture and Agriculture.
When Mixed with a growing medium, Hydrobeads can absorb large quantities of water. The water forms discrete gel particles in and around which roots can grow, then extract water as required.
As a result of improved water retention drainage losses are reduced, less watering is required and optimum plant growth is achieved.
There is also a benefit to the soil structure produced by the repeated swelling and shrinking of Hydrobeads. It maintains a good open structure which improves aeration and promotes vigorous root growth.